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Looking for help with your taxes? At Premium Accounting Solution, we offer a range of tax accounting services for businesses, organisations and individuals. Our professional accountants have the knowledge and experience needed to help resolve any tax issues you may be having. We can work with you to provide efficient, hassle-free tax filing solutions, so you can focus your time and energy on the things that matter.

Getting professional assistance with your tax accounting provides assurance that your payments and returns are flowing in and out correctly. Contact our team today and get your tax and accounting issues sorted!

What kinds of accounting and tax services do we provide?

We provide a range of tax accounting services designed to take the hassle and stress out of taxes. Get more information about the services we offer below.

1. Tax Audits & Disputes 

The New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) regularly carries out tax audits to make sure tax obligations are met by businesses and organisations. We can ensure your taxes are in order and put together the documentation required by IRD. We can also assist in the case of a dispute and help you navigate this stressful time.

2.Tax Risk Review Advisory 

Getting an outside party to assess your tax risk provides assurance that your tax compliance strategies are effective. Our accounting tax specialists will review your procedures and provide advice on areas where risk reduction can be improved. The review process gives business owners peace of mind in the case of any tax scrutiny from the government.

3. Tax Pooling Solutions 

Make managing your tax obligations easy with tax pooling. We offer a simple tax pooling service that allows us to make tax payments on your behalf. By pooling funds, we can direct these to the correct IRD tax accounts when necessary. This takes the stress out of filing your tax returns and helps to avoid late penalties.

4. IRD Voluntary Disclosure 

If you realise there has been an error made with your filed tax returns, you can make a voluntary disclosure to let the IRD know. Making a voluntary disclosure can reduce penalties for any tax shortfall that could be picked up in a later tax audit. We can help prepare the necessary documents and provide advice for handling your voluntary disclosure.

5. Tax Advisory 

New Zealand tax laws can be complex, and you may need some assistance with understanding your requirements. We can provide general accounting and tax advisory services for everyday tax matters, as well as advice for important ventures such as investments and restructuring.

The Accounting and Tax Experts

Premium Accounting Solution is the one-stop service for all your tax needs! We can help you to implement effective tax systems, as well as providing crucial assistance if your taxes become a problem. Book an appointment with us today to see how our tax accounting services can save you time and money!

Tax Accounting Services

Tax Audits & Disputes

We can assist for client in all stages of Tax Audit and Disputes with IRD

Tax Risk Review Advisory

We can assist you for IRD risk review in professional at contacting with IRD

Tax Pooling Solutions

Tax Pooling can help businesses to solve cash flow issues

IRD Voluntary Disclosure

Any person or business who are liable for paying tax can make a voluntary tax disclosure

Tax Advisory

By analysing the causes of tax problems, we can find loopholes in the management

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