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Once you decide to start a business, it’s important to choose the most suitable structure and set up your company properly. At Premium Accounting Solution, we can help with all aspects of company formation so you can focus on getting your new business off to the best possible start!

Company incorporation made easy

Whether you are setting up a limited company or co-operative, ensuring your company is set up correctly is very important as it needs to comply with legal requirements. We can help you with the following steps:

  1. Reserving a company name

    We can reserve your company name with the Companies Register.

  2. Gathering the necessary documents

    Information about shareholders, directors and other company details are needed for incorporation. We can help to gather and present this information.

  3. Providing a company constitution

    Businesses need to provide a company constitution which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the company, board members, directors and shareholders. We can provide advice and assist with the creation of this document to streamline the registration process.

Ongoing company support

As well as helping to set up your company, we can help with the ongoing tasks that are required from a registered company. This includes filing your annual return, and assisting with any share transfers that could occur in the future. We can also register your company IRD number and assist with ongoing IRD obligations.

If your company decides to close at a later date, we can help with the deregistration process including filing annual returns until the closing date.

Choose Premium Accounting solutions for successful company formation

Our company registration services provide you with the expertise you need to set up your company correctly. Get in touch with our team of professionals and get advice on the best structure for your business, so you can hit the ground running.

Contact us to book an appointment and start your business journey today!

Company Formation Services


In New Zealand, you can establish a sole trader, partnership, or company (include look-through company).

Company Constitution Advice

The constitution is a formal document that sets out the rules for running the company.

Share Transfer

The company must notify the company office when updating, adding or removing a share allocation.

Company Office Annual Return

Each company needs to do “Company Annual Return” and update your company details each year.

Voluntary De-registration

Because deciding to apply for voluntary deregistration is a big decision for the business, a special voluntary deregistration resolution is needed in order to do so.

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